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67 Mustang Shelby Nose

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67 Mustang Shelby Nose



Part Number: M-408
Sold As:
Manufacturer: Ford Fiberglass
Shipping Method: Truck Freight
Quality Rating: N/A

Product Information:

67 Mustang Shelby Nose


*Please allow at least 1-2 week for delivery after the order has been placed. Fiberglass pieces are Made to Order.

Ford Shelby, Mach I, Eleanor, Mustang & Cougar aftermarket fiberglass body parts do not fit the same as factory stamped steel body parts. They can be finished to show quality but fiberglass body parts are built closer to race car standards than to show car standards. Although fiberglass parts are easy to work with, they can require substantial work to conform to the varying early unibody Mustangs. Every car is slightly different. Within 30 days of receipt, you must check fit before sanding or painting your new fiberglass pieces. If fiberglass parts have been sanded or painted they can no longer be re-sold. For this reason, we will not warranty such parts and cannot be accepted for a return. Our policy for returning fiberglass parts is limited to the purchase price of the unit on exchange. In the event you feel the product is wrong or defective, our policy requires that you send the product back to us fully insured, heavily packaged to avoid damages and freight prepaid.

If we feel that the product is defective, a replacement will be sent to you at no cost. The bottom line is please inspect your parts upon arrival and call us if there are any issues you can foresee.

Most fiberglass has about a 6-8 week cure time when they come out of the mold. So it's important to remove the parts from its packaging immediately upon arrival. Do not place anything on top of the part during storage or the part may attempt to take the shape of whatever it's stored on top of. The best place to store the part is on the car where it is intended to be installed.

For fiberglass hoods, removal of stock hood springs and use of a prop rod and hood pins is highly recommended. For trunks, the removal of springs or tension rods is highly suggested for best fit.

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